When & How to Travel

Thanks to their location on the equator, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands make for great travel destinations pretty much year round. Temperatures vary minimally, with the only major climatic change coming between the very approximate "dry" and "green season" seasons.

On the mainland, green season is October - May, while the dry season is June - September. These variations are generally quite mild however, meaning that there really is no bad time to visit, and whenever you come it is best to be prepared for rain, sun, and the occasional chilly night. Variations on the Galapagos are somewhat more marked: during the wet months of June - December, currents bring cooler water and air, along with rain and mists, while during the dry months of January - May the islands get much warmer and drier.

High season for travel to the Galapagos is between the months of June 15 - September 14 and November 1 - April 30. It is best to make the necessary reservations to the Galapagos with two months notice, if possible.

For more information about planning your trip to Ecuador please visit the Ministry of Tourism website at http://ecuador.travel

You can also visit Ecuador 360 for hotel and restaurant information.